Soaking test update 26 January 2012

Here are my experimental unfired eggs after 3 days soaking.  Not surprisingly they are looking pretty shapeless.

I haven’t posted anything for a couple of days because I was preparing a brief presentation for  a research event which took place at Baltic Mill in Gateshead yesterday. It was a very useful event, but it did make me have to think hard about how far I had got in my research into impermanent ceramics.

The event was organised by the two universities locally involved in a Block Grant Partnership – mine (University of Sunderland) and University of Northumbria at Newcastle. And it was great to meet up with about 30 fellow researchers and to hear presentations from about 12 of them.  So many bright, keen and industrious people! The message from the event for me is that I had better get on with writing up some of my research.

Well, it will really have to wait until I get back from Pondicherry – but I might take a theoretical text or two along with me.

Soaking test after 3 days - both clay bodies losing their integrity, but still looking a bit like eggs


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