Final preparations update 23 Jan 2012

The very last firing is now done, and the kiln is doing a slow cooldown, and should be ready to open on Wednesday or Thursday.

I have been making the very last paper clay forms today. These will not be fired and I should be able to transport them by air without them being damaged, because I intend to burnish them. This will give them a fine, pretty tough surface and the egg form itself is pretty tough too.

As most of my work these days is impermanent in one way or another, it has been important for me to find a way of showing something impermanent at this exhibition. So today I am testing a theory I have, that these unfired, burnished, paper clay eggs will gently dissolve when water is applied. I want them to last at least a couple of days in a recognisable form once they are on display.

So, as well as the promised image of the kiln packed for the last firing, there are also a couple of images of my ‘wet test’ using a porcelain egg which was just fettled and smoothed, plus a paper clay egg which was highly burnished. The latter should survive longer in water than the former. Time will tell whether I am technically competent enough to post more than one image…

Anyway, the first image shows the kiln packed and ready to fire yesterday.  I have been using a smooth black stoneware body for these forms and have put some of them on props to keep them away from any loose batt wash there may be on the kiln shelf.

General view of stoneware firing before firing 22 Jan 2012


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